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Join us on a day by day walk through the book of Romans!


The hope is that as you read 'Romans: Day by Day' you are drawn inescapably closer to the main character of the story; to God the Father who was personified in Jesus and who is ready to empower you through His Holy Spirit.


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How can a book be all about God but not explicitly mention His name?

How can this be a book that teaches us about Jesus but not mention His name?


Join us on a ten-day Christ centred walk through the book of Esther and read this little book of the Bible like you never have done before!


One of the major themes found in the book of Esther is the providence of God. Though God is not named in this book, Pastor James does an amazing job in pointing out that He is present and active in everyday life. 'Esther: Day by Day' is a wonderful took to use when reading the book of Esther as it reminds you of Jesus' words, "I will never leave you or forsake you".


Jeff Gipe


New Creation HB



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Often overlooked, ignored, or misunderstood, the Minor Prophets have got to be some of the richest little books in the Bible!

Join us on a Christ centred walk 'Day by Day' through the books of the Minor Prophets and read these little books of the Bible like you never have before!


"One of the most misunderstood -- and overlooked -- sections of Scripture is the enigmatic collection of books we call the "minor prophets".

Pastor James Travis -- a dear friend and faithful Bible expositor -- has helped clear away the stigma of confusion and controversy, and helps us to see that the message found within these authors is anything but "minor". In this collection of writings, you will be informed, equipped, and encouraged at the work of God in Christ, as well as being refreshed in your walk with Jesus. Lean in, listen, and learn -- and allow these timeless truths to minister to your soul just as they were designed to warn, comfort, and foreshadow Christ to the people of God centuries ago."


Pilgrim Benham

Lead Pastor

Shoreline Church



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