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The Minor Prophets





1, 2 Timothy and Titus

Ezra and Nehemiah

Revelation - coming soon!


So often we add prayer onto the end of something we are doing, almost as if it is a box to tick or something we feel we ought to do.

Eating dinner? Should pray first.

Going to bed? Ought to say my prayers.

Really, prayer is so much more than that. It is communion, it is conversation, it is asking, it is answering, it is putting ourselves back in the right frame of mind and back in the right place.

Some of these prayers may challenge you, some may comfort you, but my prayer for you is that they are revelatory in that they show you some truth about yourself, some truth about our great God whom we have the privilege of talking to and of the life He wants you to lead.

These are some BIG prayers - are you ready to pray them?


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Despite this being old, old Hebrew poetry, there will still shine through the Gospel; the Good News of Jesus.

The book of Job helps free us from believing in a “score-keeping” God and we are brought to see the God who simply is, who is all, and who is love.

Job tackles life’s deepest and biggest questions and that is how we are going to work through the book – looking at the questions and what they mean for us.

Join us on a walk through the book of Job and see how it answers life's biggest questions for you!


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Moses: A Christ-centred Devotional For YOUR LIFE

aims to;


teach about Moses,


shine the spotlight on Jesus,


and inspire you to action.


At the end of every devotional is a notes page where you can write not only what you think, but what you are going to do!


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